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Teh life of hobbz!...and porn! hahaha

me.. me.. me.. and probably random porn.. and then me

19 January
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Im hobbs

im a boy

im 16

im single.. and i dont want to be

i dont gain weight

i get easily paranoid

i dont like the way i look so i plan on changing

i want to be emo

i have a emo boy fetish..hehe =P

i like any type of music i guess ya could say, i go by song not genre

i get bored easily

i like to get drunk

i like making people laugh

i can sometimes be called anything relating to a bitch

im very camp

im crap at anything pratical which requires strength

im very unpopular when it comes to sport

pe teachers always say im crap and should be playing with the girls...i agree

most teachers think im gay (they know damn right)

i have a tongue piercing and my lip in the middle :)

i want to get a 10mm ear plug but i dont have my ear pierced..yet

im running out of things to say....*thinks*

i love photography

im too lazy to do the things i should do

i spend my all my money on expensive things and then regret it after

i have never had a job

i leave school in may (fuck yeah!)

i like pink

im probably not like what you think im like

ermm.. i may add to this later?